It's amazing how I start each summer exhausted and end it ready to get back to school.

This year...not so much. I had a horrible school year last year. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that if I had won the lotto, I would have been out of there quick, fast, and in a hurry.
I've spent my summer just relaxing. No vacations...just home and family. But summer doesn't last forever, and I have to go back in two weeks. I can't have a replay of last school year. I don't deserve it and the kids don't deserve it. So what am I going to do differently?

1. Work on ME: I intend to do my ding-dang-darndest to avoid power struggles with children. When you get so pissed that you feel your blood pressure bueno. Deep through your nose, out through your mouth... proactive, not reactive.

2. Reach out to THEM: How? Character education. I've always had mixed feelings about character education. Maybe I'm old school, but it has always been my belief that this should be taught at home. But the reality is that many kids aren't being taught to be polite and respectful by their parents. I remember last summer I read a fantastic blog post by Sarah Plumatillo, and I thought that it sounded great. But...I didn't implement it. This year I'm going to...From day #1.  Yes, this is a product, but it is also a program,  and as is the case with all programs, the results lie in the fidelity of the implementation. No, I do not know Sarah and she has no idea that I'm sharing/promoting her post.  What really struck me about her post is her compassion for her kids and her passion about helping her kids be better. By making our kiddos better aren't we making.ourselves better. I encourage you to read her post regardless of what type of character education you may (or may not be using). It's worth the time.

So, my question for you is: What are you going to do differently this year? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great week!

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