Meet Gus!

Happy Saturday Friends! I thought I'd share with you the latest development from my school, which I think is awesome. His name is Gus, and he is a therapy-dog in training!

Gus is a five year old Golden Doodle (it is a breed...I asked), that belongs to one of our school counselors. Jill and her family got Gus specifically because of his breed. Because he is part poodle, his hair is just that: hair. Not fur. So this makes him an allergy friendly pet for her children, one of whom has animal dander allergies. Gus is super friendly and very, very sweet (and well-behaved!).

Jill and Gus are currently in training to become a super-duper, counselor/therapy-dog, tag-team-duo. I think it is fabulous that she is willing to share her beloved family pet with the children at our school. Right now, Gus just comes to school once a week to become familiar with the building and to get the children used to seeing him, but he doesn't actually interact with kids. He and Jill will continue their training over the summer, and next school year, Gus will be on campus once or twice a week working with children. Jill explained some of the details with me, and I took notes. But...I left my notebook on my desk at work. I don't want to misstate any details, so let me just say how cool I think it is that next school year Jill and Gus will be working with and changing the lives of kids.

Jill and Gus showing how smart and well-behaved he is!
Isn't his little vest cute?

Click here to see a video that Jill and Gus made for our kiddos!

Y'all have a great week!

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