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Happy Monday!! Yes it is Monday, and I am home because it is a three-day weekend! Wooohooo!! Okay, enough of the exclamation marks.
So...I am starting a new monthly linky and I would love other teachers to link up with their favorite funny teacher stories. Face it, the dealing with the general populace and the concept of funny are a natural match.

So here goes.

Five years ago I was moved to second grade. From fifth grade. With two weeks notice. Nothing funny about that, especially since I had never taught below fourth grade and I had never been self-contained. I started my year not knowing what in the world I was doing. I had this group of little people in my And mixed into this group were the two second grade behavior problems.
One of these little people (we'll call him Johnny) was especially difficult. We'd walk down the hall and other teachers would see him and you could see it in their eyes..."Oh you've got Johnny..." Of course, Johnny was never absent. If there was ever a time that he didn't feel well and put his head down on his desk, I just let it go and hoped like hell that my administrator didn't come in to observe me.

The poor kid had some issues at home. His dad had something like twelve kids in three states with numerous women, and he was in and out of jail regularly. Johnny was being raised by his grandmother who was in poor health. Please don't think that I find any humor in his family situation. I don't. However, Johnny's jacked-up home life was the last thing I was thinking about when I  had to drag his little butt out of a cactus patch in the neighbor's yard across the street and then carry him because he refused to walk. Lordy. Not to mention the time he glued himself into his chair and then ate (not chewed on....ATE) his pencil. His tongue was black!
At the end of the year his dad actually had the nerve to point to my full-on silver hair and say to Johnny "Look what you've done to her! Look at her hair!" Thanks Dad.
Hehe!  Teacher meme!:

I survived that year, and I learned to like second grade. The following year I started strong and was then side-railed by a surgery that I didn't know was going to be so complicated. I ended up being out for a full month. Right before I went back to work I had a dream that I was getting my classroom ready when I heard someone knocking on the window. I turned around, and there with his little body and face pressed against the window was....Johnny. He was yelling for me to let him in. I actually started screaming! I woke up sitting straight up in bed, sweating with my heart beating really hard. OMG!
Y'all have a great week!
I'd love for you to link up with your own story! Join in below, but please be a polite reader and leave kind feedback for at least two other blog posts! 


  1. Thanks for hosting the this linky! It's good to find the humor. Kids are so much fun, but we can forget to notice sometimes. Have a great week!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. We have to find the humor!! Thanks for reading!

  3. I don't have an active blog yet, but I loved these posts. Thanks for sharing your funny moments in the classroom.


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