It's hard to believe that the first six weeks is over! Time really flies doesn't it? Usually I have what I like to call my "first few weeks dreams" where I dream that it is the last day of school only to wake up and realize it's...not. (LOL kind of). But fortunately I haven't had any of those this year. 

So, this month I thought I would link up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade and participate in her monthly "Currently". I have been reading these monthly linkies forever, but for some reason or another I have never linked up. But, there is a first time for everything (I think there is a country song somewhere with those very words).

Even though the temperatures are cooling off, our air is still running (we are in Texas after all!), and it's so nice to have a quite backdrop. I did all the grocery shopping yesterday, and today it is just me, my computer, a dog in my lap, quiet time on my hands, and the yuck part...lesson plans.

I have blogged previously about my really, really crowded classroom. But...we level this week! Woohoo!! As of Wednesday, I will only have 20 kids in my room, and I am so looking forward to it. Yesterday, my teamie and I whittled down our rosters to create a third second-grade class. I have had to do this before, but even though I am looking forward to a smaller class it was hard to decide on who stays and who goes. I always feel so guilty, but we tried really hard to think about creating a class that is evenly distributed with ability levels, and to consider what is best for our littles.

This coming Friday is Fair Day! The great State Fair of Texas is running and all Dallas teachers and students receive a ticket and a day off to attend. I never go because I may get in free, but once inside it is so doggone expensive!! Ridiculously so. I know one teacher that goes, but she saves up her money all year to attend. No lie. It's not worth it to me. Instead, my daughter and I are heading to Paris (Texas) which is only about twenty miles from the house to attend the Paris Antique Fair.

This photo of Paris is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I love this little town. And...yes there is an Eiffel Tower with a cowboy hat! Bon Jour Y'all!

And finally, I don't know if it makes me feel beautiful, but running makes me feel GOOD! I started running again this past summer after about a thirty (30!) year break to spend some time with my daughter as she began to get in shape for the military. And....I love it. It took me all summer to get to two and a half miles, and I'm still right there distance wise (although tonight I'm going to set my distance at three miles). I've been eating better and have lost about six pounds. I turned 50 in August, and I feel great! 

I even bought some cute running shoes and tights!

Have a great week!

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