5 down...31 to go, and a TEACHER FEATURE!!

Well I didn't publish a blog post last weekend for week #4 because honestly...all I would have done was complain because I'm tired and grumpy. And that's all I am going to say about weeks #4 and #5.

So, on to something fun. This week a group of my second grade blog buddies are starting a monthly "Meet the Teacher" teacher feature post. We are starting off with Jackie Wheeler from Neat, Sweet, and Hard to Beat.

I will let Jackie introduce herself!

"I have been teaching for over 5 years in Fairfax County, Virginia!  I was born and raised here and attending FCPS schools myself.  Most of my experience is in the primary grades but I will admit teaching 2nd grade is my favorite!  I love teaching and creating engaging lessons is my passion.  I believe that learning should be hands-on, meaningful, engaging, and collaborative! We can't learn alone, we learn the most when we work with others! Believe me, my classroom sure isn't the quietest one on the hall because we are constantly up moving, learning and interacting!"

"Outside of school I am a wife to a wonderful guy and a mom to our new baby girl born in May of 2015! I love working out, spending time outside, and being with my family."

"I got the name for my blog because it is teachers that are neat, sweet and hard to beat! Teachers make this world go round! Teachers are the most caring, creative and kind people I know!"

Jackie is also featuring a product from her store that is marked down through midnight tomorrow (9/27) night! Read all about it and click the image to find it in her store.

This or That Cards

Using these cards students can interact with other students to find out more about their classmates. Each card has two choices for students to pick from and topics include sports, school subjects, school specials, colors, foods, animals, pets, and many more! I have also included directions for using these cards with a whole group or you can change it up and use these cards in small group. 
Not only is this a great activity for building a strong class community but you can also take these cards out when working on persuasive writing. Students can pick a card and write about the reasons why they would choose one over the other.

I hope you all have a lovely week, & Happy Fall y'all!!

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