2 Down, 34 to go...The honeymoon is over...

It's been a week. Let me explain.

Sunday: Washer machine breaks down and finally dies.

Monday: Oversleep. Had to haul @$$ to get to work. I drive 85 miles to my school, so timing is everything. I literally skidded through my classroom door at 8:00 am (We pick up students at 7:40. Thank goodness form Shelby, my student teacher). Air conditioner at home starts acting funny. It still cooled, but who could sleep with all the racket going on?

Tuesday: Spouse calls air conditioner guy who promises he will be there that day....
Water pipe under kitchen sink breaks. Spouse nearly self combusts.

Wednesday: Air conditioner guy finally shows & fixes the AC. Ahhhh...peaceful sleep. INTERNET DIES! O.M.G!!! Two students quietly vomit on their textbooks.

Thursday: New washer installed. Yay!!! I can now wear comfortable underwear. Phone guy brings new router, internet is back, and all is well.

Friday: Outside water faucet breaks, pickup tire has to be replaced, and spouse discovers that pickup truck has something wrong with front end.

All week: Throughout this whole mess, spouse is having tractor break-down issues and is dealing with painful lupus flair up.

Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday + Friday = GSS (Grumpy Spouse Syndrome)

Ever had a week like that? Oh my. If I had gotten drunk or if someone in my family had been sent to prison, I could have written an awesome country & western song. (Don't get irritated country music fans...you know there is a song about writing a country song with those very elements.)

But on to other news. I was originally going to write about math centers for this week. What was I thinking? I guess I was running on a first week of school cuteness, overly ambitious & enthusiastic lesson-planning fueled high. I quickly came too and faced an ugly reality: My attempt at centers was a cluster.

What happens to us over the summer? How do we forget that our classes will in all probability be over-crowded and we will have "that kid" in your class? I think I'll blame it on Pinterest! All those glossy depictions of a higher standard of teaching and learning (I stole that phrase from Spongebob) going on clouded my vision and fooled me into thinking that I would enter my room and get started straight away with meaningful learning. Don't get me wrong. It will happen, I just started too soon.

Those angels show up the first week, and for the most part are on their best behavior. The ones that need it have their meds (or at least they are finishing the final week of their refill), and "that kid" is actually being really pleasant. And I think "Hey this is going to be awesome! They are all on board and I've connected with That Kid! I'm going to get started with this and that and whatever, and one day my class will look like a pinterest worthy pin."

funny memes teachers

Then...week two and...reality. Refills ran out and true personalities emerged. I figured out which kid is mean, which kid cries too much, and which kid runs his household (because this kid thinks he runs my room). We had to practice lining up four or five times every single time we went anywhere. We had to practice walking in the room and sitting down quietly four or five times. Every. Single. Time. And this was daily. Once they figured out I wasn't playing, then something new cropped up. But you know what? I will win! It is my way or no way and we will have school.

Now please don't think I'm a Debbie Downer. I love, love, love teaching. The older my own children get, the more I enjoy the littles. I just really wonder why I step out of reality every back to school season. You know, my favorite time of the school year is when you get to that point (usually mid-year) when you actually begin to see growth. So, I guess the moral of my little tale is...time and patience... no one can be on a permanent honeymoon. At some point, you have to come home and the real work has to begin.

Weekly Highlights:
1. Seeing a former student's daughter in the classroom next door!!
2. Seeing all my former second graders that are fifth graders now! Wow!
3. Having younger siblings of former students in my class and knowing their parents feel comfortable that their child is in my class. Repeat customers says alot.
4. Knowing that my school is providing stability for many of our kids and that their families may be staying in the neighborhood (many of the students live in apartments that can be kind of rough) because of our school and the atmosphere that we have created for them.

Weekly Funny:
Remember my mention of "That Kid"? I'll call him TK.
Setting: First fire drill of the year. TK decides to slide down the stair rail.
Me: "TK, why did you do that?"
TK: "I don't know."
Me: "If that had been a real fire situation...blah, blah, blah...."
TK: "If that had been a real fire, I would have made it downstairs faster."

I had to laugh.

Y'all have a fabulous labor day, and a wonderful week.

Coming Up: 3 Down, 33 to go....and who knows what else!

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