Oh Snap! It's Almost August!

I can't believe it. Can you? The summer has flown by! Today I'm linking up with Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals to share some Back to School resources that I've been working on. But first...

I have seen many blogs posts about people emptying their summertime bucket list, but I didn't have one. Money was tight this summer so we have just stayed close to home. But I have accomplished a few things this summer that aren't school related:

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1. I watched all five seasons of Breaking Bad. I pretty much binge watched....loved it. This is the only show I've ever watched that left me feeling like I needed to join a recovery support group.

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2. I watched season 3 of Orange is the New Black. My favorite characters are Red and Pensatucky.

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3. Now I'm engrossed in Hell on Wheels. It's pretty good also.

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4. I have been doing other things that aren't TV related (LOL). My daughter graduated from high school and has big plans to join the United States Marine Corp!!! I'm scared but very excited for her. Her daddy was a Marine, and we're both proud as punch. She has always been physically active. She has a black belt in Taekwando and loves to exercise. I have been running with her this summer, and I can now run two miles without stopping! I haven't done that since college.


5. I've been busy as a bee getting ready with products for next year!!! Back to school is almost upon us. I report August 13, and school starts August 24th. I've completed a few products that are ones that I am planning on starting the year off with. 

I always feel that we are being required to move little ones forward with place value when they still haven't mastered the basics with tens and ones. The continued regrouping of ones into tens is a huge concept! I get so frustrated when I feel pushed to move them to hundreds and they are still struggling with tens. I created this set of activities to help my 2nd graders brush up and review place value. 

I also created this product because I hate the dreaded four letter word....data. My idea of data has always been sticky notes and tally marks. Seriously. I mean, you do this long enough and you get to where you know what your kids need, where they are, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Just because I don't have everything documented, doesn't mean that I haven't intervened. But, times are a-changin'. Don't get me wrong...I know data is important, and I know it has its place. I just don't enjoy it. I personally do not feel that numbers explain everything going on with a child. Still, I have to get with the 21st century, so I created this product. It's a set of whole group, small group, and individual worksheets for tracking data for the new 2nd grade math TEKS. I'm also planning on creating a set for kindergarten and first grades soon.

I also created some teacher planners. This is part of my mission to become more organized (as is the data packet above). All three planners have the exact same content, they just have different covers and spines. So far I have had a pretty good response to them. I'm planning on using the Vintage Alpha Planner this year.

Then, I also updated my alphabet posters that I use in my room. Isn't if funny how some of the simplest things can be your favorite? I love these. I currently have the black gingham version in my class, but I'm thinking of changing to this colorful version

Are you craving more back to school? Click the link below to read about many other sellers and what they are creating to help you get ready!

 Y'all have a great weekend!

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