Weekly Summer Link-Up: My Teaching Quirk!

Many thanks to Monica over at I Heart Grade 3 for hosting this Summer Link-Up! I have been seriously slacking in the blogging department...bloggers block. I'm hoping to get back on track, and this is a huge help!!
Quirks...we all have them. I got to thinking. I'm not a perfectionist by any means. My desk is usually a mess, papers are stacked up that need to be graded, and my sink usualy has a bunch of science "stuff" in it that needs to be washed. I don't always worry about checking/answering my work e-mails in a timely fashion, and I never check my work voice mail. Am I revealing too much?

But I do have one hangup quirk. I hate "crookedy" copies. You know, the kind of copies with a crooked image. OMG!! I can't stand it. I realize that I need to save trees, so if I turn in something to be copied and it comes back not neatly centered on the page I will use it. And I will find myself apologizing to the students about their crooked paper, even though they most likely don't even notice it. My students can tell you I like paper to be "neat and tidy". This applies to stapling papers as well. Neat and tidy edges please.

Also pertaining to copies. I absolutely cringe when I go to a workshop or training and the presenter hands out papers that are copies of copies of  copies of copies that were probably originally run on one of those hand crank machines with the smelly purple ink. Really? Re-type those bad boys, save them to some sort of stick or card, and start fresh. And please...neat and tidy edges.

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P.S. I tried finding some images of those types of copies online for illustration purposes. Thankfully I couldn't find any. For more teaching quirks (or to share your own), head over to Monica's blog.

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