This past week I was surprised by a visit from the friendly neighborhood stomach virus. It hit me at about 8:00 p.m on Monday. YIKES! I was already scheduled to be out on Wednesday for off campus planning, which meant I would have gotten something ready for the sub on Tuesday. But... I was busy at home trying to keep my intestines inside my body rather than out. My student teacher worked everything out for Tuesday, but Wednesday she is not there and there was nothing ready for Thursday's sub.

Let me backtrack a bit and tell you what kind of subs I like: Experienced. My school has a preferred sub list and most of the people on the list are retired teachers. They are a hot commodity, especially the teachers that actually retired from our school. They know the ins and outs. Now, if I can't get one of those subs, then I have another type of sub I like: Grumpy. The kids are usually just a tad bit frightened of acting up with the grumpy ones. And I had a grumpy sub scheduled for Wednesday.

So, I placed a quick call to my teamie Churl, and she got the kiddos work from the copy room and the sub was all set up. Things went smoothly, I made it to off-campus planning on Wednesday, and returned to work on Thursday, though still walking a bit slowly and with aching stomach muscles. 

Usually I place work completed with a sub straight into the recycling bin, but when I started perusing the "stuff" on my desk....Look what I found!!! Grumpy Sub had all of the work completed and had assigned these super cute posters, and they are really good! Some of them are also pretty funny. Check them out.

Love the use of the sign to make sure the viewer understands why it is potential energy.
How cute is this?
This is also pretty cute, especially that little wiggle!!
What's the deal with that lightbulb?
This one is just awesome.

But my absolute favorite is the little section of this boy's poster that is demonstrating light energy. I cracked up when I saw this. This little guy is from a family of five boys: 5th grade, 4th grade, 3rd grade, 1st grade, and a toddler. They are all super school.
Oh my goodness.

Grumpy Sub, you ROCK!

Y'all have a great week!

Hello and welcome to Smarticle Particles! I'm Karen, and I've teamed up with my blogging teamies from The Teaching 2 Step blog to bring you our Halloween Bash Blog Hop & Giveaway.
This year I'll be spending Halloween with my family in Galveston, Texas. They will spend their time playing while I am attending the Texas Conference for Social Studies. I'll be free in the evenings, so I think we can "scare" up some spooky fun (bah-dah-bing-bah-dah-boom!).
Halloween was super fun when I was a kid. I grew up on Army and Air Force bases in Europe, and when Halloween rolled around, everyone went Trick-or-Treating. And I mean everyone. I've had fun with my own kids on Halloween, but my favorite memory is when I was probably in kindergarten or first grade. I have no idea what I dressed up as, but I can remember my brother Pat and his costume clear as day...he dressed up as a female soldier. This was the early 70's, and back then we called female soldiers WAC's (Women's Army Corp). I imagine that is totally politically incorrect nowadays, but my family still cracks up when we talked about the time "Pat dressed up as a WAC for Halloween". He wore make-up, a blonde wig, and even stuffed one of my mother's bras. Kind of like Hot Lips Houlihan. It was hysterical! I'm getting teary-eyed typing this. We lost Pat four years ago to lung cancer. He may be gone but the memories aren't.

Kind of like this, except he was wearing a full-on set of army issue BDU's and had much bigger boobs!!

Now, get ready for the spooky blog-hoppin'fun! Using the rafflecopters below, enter to win big prizes for K-2, 2-5, and Secondary from some great teachers that have a lot of awesome products up for grabs. Then hop along with us for Halloween themed crafts, recipes, and freebies! Click the link below for my Haunted Halloween word search.

Haunted Halloween Wordsearch
Y'all have a very happy & spooky Halloween!!
See you next time,
The fall weather has been beautiful here in Northeast Texas. Crisp cool mornings and high temps in the low 80's. Perfect. In fact, as I sit here typing, I'm eating a big bowl fall weather Taco Soup. Also perfect.

To celebrate fall, the ladies at Bright Concepts for Teachers and Primarily Speaking are hosting a great "Fall Favorites Giveaway"! The giveaway is split up into three separate giveaways, and I am offering a Winner's Choice in giveaway #3.

I hope you will join for the fun!
Y'all have a great week,

This educator is tired. I mean tired, tired. I realize I'm singing to the choir, but I feel like this is the most tired I have ever been since giving birth and having babies up at all hours of the night. The paper work deadlines, mundane tasks, and irrelevant minutia is filling every single frickin' second of my day. 
Did I mention that I'm tired?

Then there's the news. My district has been in the national news the past few days. district has the children that have been possibly exposed to the ebola virus. In fact at least one of the students attends the high school that is in my school's feeder pattern. Three more children were removed from a neighboring district's elementary school which also is only a few miles from my school. At this point my scary dreams come into play. I dreamed that my school was a triage area for ebola victims. People were falling out all over the place, and I was there with my daughter (who was little in the dream...17 in reality). I was trying to get the heck out of Dodge, and one of my colleagues kept telling me that I couldn't leave until I submitted my attendance. I was like "to hell with the attendance..I'm outta here". I get out to my car, and ISIS is running around chasing people. OMG!! No more news for me before bedtime.
How is that for anxiety? 

Yesterday, after the kiddos went home, very strong storms whipped through the Dallas area knocking out the power at the school. So I went home, and as usual woke up this morning and headed out to work. I had only gone a few miles when my phone rang. It was my teamie, Churl. No School!! Power was out at 36 (or something like that) schools. I turned that little Ford around and hauled my butt right back home and into the bed. 

Thanks for the call Churl!

Y'all have a great weekend.
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