What's the story....?

Hello! My bloggie buddy Jenny from Art with Jenny K. is holding a fun little linky about our store logos. Now there is no particular story about the actual digital image. I had tried designing my own, but it just wasn't all that great. I finally decided to have a professional blog designed for me, and this was the blog button that the designer came up (which I love!). (If you are interested in having a blog designed, I highly recommend Kimberlee from Digital Doodle Designs...she was fast, easy to work with, and affordable.)
As for my name "Smarticle Particles"...well, I got that from my son. When he was in middle school, his favorite teacher was his social studies teacher. He told me that one day she told him that he was such a "smarticle particle". I thought that was pretty cute, especially since he was in middle school and was still happy with the fact that his teacher complimented him. So, when I revamped my store/blog I decided to go with that. Unfortunately "Smarticle Particles" was already taken on TpT, so I added "little" to it since I teach younger students.

Well.....that's the story!

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