Five For Friday!

I'm a newbie to the whole "Five for Friday" linky party hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching, but I've been reading them forever. So I thought that now is the time to get with it. 


I have decided to get organized!!! So I started with my "office". It's not really an office in that it is not a separate room. My entire upstairs is one big open space with the staircase in the center. I have adopted one corner (for now, ha-ha) as my area. And it was a mess.
To help me get organized I bought this great set during the TpT Back to School Sale: Get Blorganized by Ashley Shroeder. I love it! I've already started using parts of it. You can get it by clicking on the picture.
BLOG POST, GIVEAWAY, and LINKY PARTY Organizer and Planner!
I did a little shopping just for myself: Click on the images to shop for yourself!
Large Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings. Choose your size: 2", 1.5" or 1" LIGHTWEIGHT
I refer to this as a missed opportunity. I live in the country, but my students are city kids. So I like to take stuff for my "nature table" for them to look at. Stuff like nests, seeds, cool rocks, and...snake skins. This was in my yard the other day. I intended to retrieve it to take to school. As I headed out the door this morning, Mr. Hester asked me where I was going. I told him I wanted to get that snakeskin for my kiddos to look at. He said, "I ran over it with the mower". Aaaaargh.

This just cracked me up. We were all at Hastings. My husband was looking at his stuff, I was looking at my stuff, and the kids were supposed to be looking at their stuff. Instead they were walking around the store with my son wearing this stupid mask. Apparently he was also dancing. So I tried to get him to show me his moves. This is what happened.

No one was hurt, but boy did I crack up.
Y'all have a great weekend!

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