First Week: 2014-2015

Well I have a whole week of the 2014-2015 school year under my belt, and I am exhausted! I must say that it went much better than expected. There is a little bit of back story to that statement. You see, I looped up with my students this year from second grade math and science to third grade science and social studies. Last year we started with only two sections of second grade, but had a total of 64 students. So, until we got a third section added I had 32 students in each class. It was misery and they were awful. Really, really awful. Once we got the third section, of course it eased up some, but the kiddos were still very badly behaved. My teamie and I spent about eight to ten weeks "training and civilizing" the little angels, and all in all they came along quite nicely. All that hard work last year certainly paid off this first week of school. We actually accomplished quite a lot.
Take a peek:

We got started in our science notebooks! Here the students were drawing pictures comparing what observations look like using the "naked eye" (they love saying that!) vs. using a hand lens. Once they finished that, we brainstormed a venn-diagram comparing and contrasting the naked eye and the hand-lens. (I didn't get a picture of that one.) The picture on the right shows my notebook that I am keeping on powerpoint. I project it on my screen so the kids can follow along in setting their pages up. (Eventually they won't need as much guidance with this.) This is so much quicker than them waiting on me to hand write everything and certainly saves me from having to find a misplaced science journal. I keep one for each section, and it is turning out to be super easy. 

We also learned how to measure mass using the pan balance. My intention is for the students to work with mass, volume, and temperature throughout the year. We tested several objects (gluesticks, etc... from their supply caddies) for physical properties such as mass, ability to float, and weather they were magnetic, and the students recorded all of their data. The next day they had to design a way in which they could change the mass of a gluestick (floater) in such a way that it sank. I liked the one above. Most of the kiddos taped their gluestick to their magnet (which sank the day before). This group taped them together and then tied a piece of yarn around it so they could dip it into the water and pull it out without having to get their hands wet!

All in all it was a good, but tiring week. By Tuesday night my feet and knees were throbbing (good-bye cute little flats) and yesterday I didn't get out of my pj's. How was your week?


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