Back to School Linky!

Hey All,

Emily over at Third in Hollywood is hosting a cute linky party featuring back to school products. There are a lot of really cute and practical ideas. I've linked up my Black Gingham Word Walls & Alphabet Posters. The alphabet cards on the bottom are actually what I use in my room, and I'm adding the remaining parts this year. I love these because they are basic and mix well with a black, white, neutral color scheme. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with the "cute decorator" gene and I get bored with trendy very quickly. Thus, my clean, classic, and (yes) cute set! Check it out, and be sure to click on the link at the very bottom to check out the rest of the Back to School Linky!

 photo 90198fcc-6ece-4d52-a93b-743a1c6f011b.jpg

Y'all have a great week!
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