3, 2, 1...Blast Off!

Mark your calendars folks, get your wishlists ready, and make sure you are caught up on providing feedback. The TpT Back to School Sale is this coming Monday and Tuesday!! My entire store will be discounted 20% and if you enter the discount code(BTS14) TpT will discount an additional 10%.
Now, I'm really serious about leaving feed back on previous purchases, and I don't mean just in my store. I'm talking on any purchase...ever. Y'all, that feedback provides you with points, and those points build up to provide you with cha-ching. That's right. Those bonus points convert into savings on future purchases. Free money!! If you have made purchases, just sign in, go to my purchases, and provide feedback on any products you've overlooked. I have a good friend that buys and buys and buys on TpT, and she never leaves feedback. Can you believe that?

I have a few new products going into the sale:

and a few updated products:

You know, I really had planned to get more new products into my store over the summer. But, as they say, all work and no play make Karen a grumpy and kind of mean girl.

Have a great weekend!
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